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Building Green


With growing concerns about health, quality of life, energy costs and natural resources rapidly being depleted, an increasing number of builders around the world are turning to “green building”. This natural approach to building emphasizes quality construction, energy efficiency, good indoor air quality and livable neighborhoods.

Research shows that the market share for green building has grown by 500% since 2005 and is expected to increase by another 250% by 2013. In a down market, this is an opportunity that cannot be ignored.   

                      BUILDING GREEN DOESN’T HAVE TO BE HARD                           



LOGIX is the leading ICF in North America. By providing a wall system that is more energy efficient, stronger, more sound resistant and more environmentally sustainable than virtually any other construction method, LOGIX contributes up to 31 LEED-NC points with a single spec and makes it easy to build green.

When not built with sustainability in mind, buildings negatively impact the environment by increasing natural resource consumption and green house gas emissions. Emissions associated with buildings are projected to grow faster than those from any other sector.


Environmental impact of buildings:


  • 71% of total electricity consumed
  • 39% of total energy consumed
  • 39% of total CO2 emissions produced
  • 30% of total raw materials consumed
  • 30% of total waste produced

                                           WHAT IS GREEN BUILDING?                                            

Despite more awareness about green building, there is still a lot of confusion about exactly what green building really is. There are four main characteristics that define it:


  • Minimizing energy loss. The use of sunlight and shade for heating and cooling is as old as mankind, but today there are plans and building materials specifically designed to maximize energy efficiency and keep the structure nearly airtight. With less outside air infiltrating the building, the indoor climate is much easier to control.
  • Promoting a healthy indoor air environment. Airtight structures are critical to energy efficiency. Green builders will often employ fresh-air ventilation systems to exhaust the stale indoor air to the outside, bring in fresh air and conserve energy.
  • Material conservation and waste reduction. Green builders use sustainable and recycled products in design and construction. Conventional wood frame building construction and operation consumes large quantities of wood, water, metals, fossil fuels and other natural resources.
  • Environmentally friendly site selection or “footprint”. Some of the factors involved are orientation of the building to maximize natural sunlight for heat and light, as well as shade for cooling. Locating the building near shopping  and other services will keep the amount of driving down – another win for the entire environment. 

                         LOGIX IS A “HIGH-IMPACT” GREEN PRODUCT                         


Green building includes a combination of building products and fixtures that are considered to be either “low-impact”, providing a single green benefit, such as low-flush toilets, or “high-impact”, providing multiple benefits, such as LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms.


  • LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms optimize energy performance in the building. The combination of the LOGIX continuous foam insulation and the thermal mass properties of insulated concrete provide a high thermal resistance wall system that reduces the peak heating and cooling loads on the building. The LOGIX thermal envelope produces an airtight structure and dramatically reduces air leakage and energy use.
  • LOGIX buildings are airtight structures. This makes airflow and ventilation easier to control and monitor. The end result is a healthier, comfortable environment for occupants and a reduction on HVAC capacity.
  • LOGIX walls are mold and mildew resistant. With the protected layer of LOGIX ICF foam panels, a LOGIX wall system will not promote the growth of mold or mildew.
  • LOGIX walls are durable. Concrete walls are one of the most durable building materials available and are designed to last for centuries. LOGIX walls are stronger than conventional wood-framed constructed walls and are able to withstand the harshest conditions imposed by water, wind and fire.
  • LOGIX uses recycled materials. Up to 50% of LOGIX blocks, by weight, are made from recycled materials.
  • LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms produce minimal on-site waste. Any on-site waste can be fully recycled.
  • LOGIX contributes to the protection of our natural resources. Buildings constructed with Logix ICF use considerably less wood.
  • LOGIX has multiple manufacturing facilities. LOGIX has manufacturing facilities throughout North America and Europe. This reduces the need for the transportation/delivery of manufactured product to distant jobsite destinations. The concrete is obtained through local suppliers.

To learn more about how LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms can help you build green, feel free to call us anytime at (516) 742-7229 or fill out and submit an inquiry form by clicking on the link below. One of our representatives will be glad to assist you.

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