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LEGALETT is a building system that combines air-heated radiant floors with a unique foundation design that eliminates footings and frost walls without any chance of foundation movement.

LEGALETT's air-heated floors can be used in all types of buildings.


LEGALETT's slab-on-grade design provides unique advantages for the structures as well as the construction process.

Air-heated floors are also available for basement and 2nd and 3rd story pours.

   The natural way to heat a  building.
 It just makes sense!
In the air-heated LEGALETT GEO-Slab foundation and above grade floors, pipes are cast into the concrete slab through which warm air is circulated through a heating unit.

GEO-Slab (slab-on-grade)

Suspended slab (above grade)

With the aid of a fan, the warm air travels through the pipes heating up the whole floor.
All mechanical components are contained within the furnace box, which sits flush with the slab surface and is easily accessible.


The GEO-Slab foundation (frost protected shallow foundation) is the engineered structural concrete slab.


·       It floats on a double layer of rigid polystyrene.

·       It rests on a well-drained layer of crushed stone.

·       The slab-on-grade design is engineered for frost protection.



 (Click here for typical details and reinforcement specifications) 


The system is simple, safe and economical!

·       It uses air, not water, as a safe heating medium.

·       It provides an even, comfortable and healthy indoor climate.

·       It eliminates drafts, cold areas or hot spots.

·       It saves energy (the slab can also passively absorb energy from the daytime sun and distribute it at night, reducing the amount of purchased energy required).

·       It is reliable.

·       It eliminates all risk of damage from moisture and mildew.

·       It offers major advantages during construction.

·       Warm air can be blown through the slab immediately after it is poured using a construction heater, allowing extension of the construction season.




·       Provides the structural integrity.

·       Reinforced to carry loads of interior and exterior walls, as well as roof.

·       Provides the enormous heat sink that is used to buffer the interior temperature of the structure.


Edge elements and insulation


·       Provides the durable and decorative exterior covering.

·       Provides the stay-in-place formwork.

·       Provides the insulation to insulate the slab from the outside elements.




·       Heats the air, which circulates through the system.

·       There are two general types (water coil units and electric units).



Water Coil Unit

·       Very simple in design.

·       Contains a water/air heat exchanger to distribute the heat from the heat source (hot water tank, boiler, etc.) to the air in the pipe system.

·       Contains a fan to move the air.

·       Simple thermocouple turns the fan on and off as demanded by the supply of hot water to the unit by the thermostat.

·       Uses internal valving for control, as well as the external heat source to provide the heated water.

 Water Coil Unit



Electric Unit

·       Contains electric heating elements and a fan.

·       Simple in overall function.

·       Only requires electricity to heat the air directly with the heating elements.


Electric Unit


Heater Unit Control


·       Up to 4 heating zones per unit.

·       Simple wall mounted programmable thermostats.


All moving and mechanical components are contained within the furnace box.

Furnace boxes can be easily opened and accessed for maintenance, as required.




·       Choice of 2” or 4” diameter pipe.

·       Closed loop piping carries the warm air throughout the slab system.


No outside air enters or leaves the system.

No air is blown around in the living area of the building by the LEGALETT System.

Drafts and overall air movement is reduced to simply what is required for healthy ventilation as provided by a heat recovery ventilator or similar system.

Basement, frost wall, 2nd and 3rd story applications are possible!

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