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“…the head of each agency shall…implement high-performance sustainable federal building design and construction beginning in 2020 and thereafter, ensuring that all new federal buildings that enter the planning process are designed to achieve zero-net-energy by 2030.”
Executive order of President Obama - October 5, 2009


Platinum Series Form      

The next wave of green buildings will be "net-zero" - sustainable buildings that sell energy back to the grid instead of buying it.

With a superior R-value of R24 built into its DNA, LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms help you create an airtight building envelope today for the quality of thermal performance that will be expected tomorrow.

Our new Platinum Series Form delivers an astounding R-value of R27 without increasing wall thickness. That's 23% more R-value than most ICFs offer.

Today’s super-efficient LOGIX homes routinely cut energy bills in half and can achieve HERS Scores of less than 40, which means they are outperforming the existing building code by 60%.


Combined with cost-effective renewable energy generation Logix is the solution to building commercially viable net-zero buildings in the future.


LOGIX is tomorrow’s smarter technology, today.

To learn more about how LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms can help you build green, feel free to call us anytime at (516) 742-7229 or fill out and submit an inquiry form by clicking on the link below. One of our representatives will be glad to assist you.

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