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Synergy Concrete Corp.

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We are not a conventional concrete construction company.

We can provide you with the most energy efficient, environmentally responsible, structural building envelope possible.


Having worked on both residential and commercial LEED projects, our in-depth knowledge and practical experience brings added value to any client seeking LEED certification.


We specialize in the installation of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) for the construction of walls, floors and ceilings, and other related products. 

ICF construction typically consolidates several steps into one so that our experienced crews can complete your project on schedule and within budget.


ICF forms create solid reinforced concrete walls with stay-in-place insulation and integral studs for the direct attachment of both interior and exterior wall finishes.
Using    ICF forms we construct walls that can deliver from an R24 up to a mind boggling R74.

Floors (on grade)

We are certified installers of    Geo-Slab, the ultimate frost protected
shallow foundation system.

  • GEO-Slab saves time, money and the environment.
  • GEO-Slab is available with Legalett's patented warm air radiant heating system, designed for maximum energy efficiency. 
  • GEO-Slab behaves structurally as a two-way raft foundation resting on soil that is modeled as an infinite set of springs. The slab provides the foundation structure for the building at a much reduced soil bearing pressure compared to conventional footings (footings and frost walls are completely eliminated), allowing opportunities for building on low-lying areas and poor quality soils.
  • A GEO-Slab incorporating Legalett’s warm-air radiant heating system is an excellent alternative to hydronic (water) radiant and conventional heating systems with respect to construction costs, comfort and energy savings.

Floors (above grade)
Floors and ceilings can be effectively constructed by various methods each dependent on a series of variables relating to usage, span, loading and depth.

  • ICF floor construction (such as LiteDeck or InsulDeck) can clear span up to 40’ and offers fast construction, great soundproofing characteristics, and tremendous insulation R-values for roof construction.
  • Hambro brand open-web joist construction can span over 40’ and help accommodate mechanical distribution within the joist plenum, virtually eliminating dropped ceilings and soffit enclosures.
  • Metal c-joist floor construction is probably the most common solution for creating a high performance floor when the required clear spans are less than 30’. Using Simpson StrongTie’s ICFVL connectors, the steel c-joist floor can be constructed so as not to compromise the energy efficient thermal envelope.

Both Hambro and ICF floor construction easily accommodate Legalett’s warm-air radiant heat system for above grade floors.
We can help evaluate and provide engineering necessary for a system that makes sense for your application.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any plans or ideas you may have for construction. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.