#Hurricanestrong – All Hazard Housing Solution

114 Oceanside Avenue Breezy Point Queens

Designed by +Lab Architect PLLC (pluslabnyc.com) the Hurricanestrong home is an all hazard design response that provides a resilient and sustainable solution that is relatable, attainable, and affordable for all families. The house is the result of using best practices and guidance from a broad spectrum of sources on resilient construction along with innovative industry collaborators. The house provides 4-dimensional resilience and is a prototype or artifact that can be cited as an example, serve as a platform for further innovation, and studied for long-term performance against shocks and stresses along with energy savings.

All Hazard Assessment and Response:

  • Flood Water and water driven debris impacts
  • High Wind Speed and Wind driven debris impacts
  • Temperature – Extreme Heat & Cold
  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Earthquake
  • Social      
  • Shelter in Place

Resilient Features: 4 dimensional responses

  • Continuous load path (Simpson Strong-Tie)
  • Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) – Floor Deck & Vertical Walls
  • Neopor ICF + Spray foam insulation
  • Concrete Reinforcing Admixture – Helix Micro-Rebar (first NYC use)
  • Roof Assembly Innovation – Zip System, ICP seaming & Eagle Concrete Roof Tile
  • Fiber Cement Exterior Siding – Impact Resistant (envelope)
  • Impact Rated Fenestration. (Windows, Doors, Skylights)
  • Flood Vents, protected service delivery
  • Addition to Base Flood Elevation (BFE) +3′ Freeboard
  • Fire Protection, 4hr rated non-combustible construction + Sprinkler System
  • Back-up Power Generator
  • Passive survivability (meets 80×50)
  • Exterior decking, Social response
  • Storm Shelter construction for Shelter in place
  • Radiant Floor Heating + Dual Function HVAC Units
  • TIME: additional elevation for sea-level rise and return period +50, +100 years
  • Economic (ROI) 47-55% insurance reduction, Power and Operations est. 70% reduction
  • Social: Decking and historic neighborhood hub

Guidance / Selected Reference:

  • FORTIFIED Institute for Home Building Standards (Double GOLD) – IBHS
  • FEMA Library, Coastal Construction Manual, Technical Bulletins
  • FEMA 361 Storm Shelter and safe room guidance
  • Federal Alliance for Safe Homes resilient construction guide (FLASH)
  • Passive House Guidelines (PHI)
  • Miami Dade Product Rating throughout
  • NYC, DCP retrofit for flooding, HHS – ASPR THAM, NDPTC

Industry Partners

  • FLASH, Home Depot, Anderson Windows, TREX, Kohler
  • PCA, HardiePlank, Simpson Srongtie, Smartvent
  • BASF, ICFMA, Quadlock, LOGIX, VTeCH, Airseal, Spraytite, Neopour, ICP adhesives
  • FEMA Material Science Branch

What’s Missing? What is needed? Improving this prototype

  • Water Harvesting – Grey and Rain